Research and Rebuild International (RaR), a civil society organisation with its headquarters in the United States of America has condemned the recent spate of armed robberies and the failing security order in the country. It observed that continuous occurrence of these acts of criminality will put the nation in bad light if not checked and controlled immediately. The research organisation operating in the country noted the many concerns raised by individuals, the media and concerned organisations on the failing security issues cannot be over emphasized and believed these were enough for the government to take pragmatic actions in dealing with the issue so as not to incur the wrath of the citizenry and the international business community especially. The statement further emphasized that the swift manner in which government responded to the various calls and sentiments across the length and breadth of the country by instituting joint military/police patrols and carrying out some major changes in the various security portfolios is commendable but should not be seen as an end to the problem.

RaR indicated that government should however ensure strict implementation of the various security guidelines and protocols it has put in place to forestall and curb any future menace. It suggested to government to consider options available and workable security mitigating programmes and strategies to bring the situation under control. There should be frequent and occasional unannounced military/police swoops and house checks backed by warrants, the statement noted. The policy think-tank advocate organisation was also of the view that intelligence gathering should be key in all attempts at nabbing this security canker in the bud. There should also be the need for the security agencies to infiltrate all suspected jungle red flagged spots under cover. There is a need to go on the streets in plain clothes to solicit vital leads and information, the statement advised.

It is important for government through its security apparatus to apply the various security guidelines and protocols strictly such that it does not favour one group of people to the detriment of others. The statement further called on security agencies to be fair in the discharge of their duties and bring to book all individuals who claim to be more superior to others thereby engaging in all forms of lawlessness and abuse of wealth in our communities and on the roads as these things breed criminal activities and security threats. Business executives, so called powerful men of God, and politicians as well as any other members of the public should all be given the same level of security assurance and protection at all times as guaranteed in the constitution. Protection of citizens and members of the society should not be a manifesto promise by any political party since that is a complete dictate of the constitution and anything done outside the constitution will result in anarchy, lawlessness and insecurity.

The RaR International also called on government to as matter of importance avoid playing politics with the situation and focus on ensuring peaceful and stabilized society at all times. The humanitarian service organisation has taken notice of the blame game between the two major political parties in politicization of criminal activities of this kind and warned this type of debate will only go to worsen the plights of the people and breed further insecurity in the country. The statement cautioned all well-meaning Ghanaians and foreigners living in Ghana to disregard any political induced statements on the matter and help provide intelligence to the security agencies to tackle the issue at hand. RaR International observed it is important for political parties and their spokespersons to be circumspect in commenting on national issues whether they are in opposition or in government.

The Country Director of RaR International, Chris Jasper Senyeabor called on government and any future government to set their priorities right and focus on important things. He noted all past governments under the fourth republic and the current government failed to address many of the needful appropriately within security services and rather focused their attention on ‘things’ that were not immediately needed for the people, however how scarce the country’s resources were. Government should also avoid politicization of the security agencies especially the Police Service and make it a more independent public institution for it to function well aside the retooling programme it has earmarked for it. It is hoped that security situation in the country will be given a much more attention to restore public confidence that everyone can go about his or her daily activities without fear. We also call on the members of the public to advance information needed for intelligence gathering to the appropriate authorities on timely basis for the prevention and control purposes in order to save lives and properties, the statement added.  It further called on the public including politicians to desist from politicization of the issue at hand and address the fallouts from the recent crime activities on a non-partisan basis so as to arrive at consensus on the best ways to curtailing the problem.

Signed by: Country Director


Dr. Roland K. Azorliade 

Dr, Jerry Brassfield

Mr. Christian J. Y. Senyeabor (024-4701475)

Mr. Edem Raygon K. Kplivi 

Ms. Irene Essel 

Mr. Christian-Raygon Adabra (020-784-4988)

Mr. Israel K. Dolsh Ameshie 

Mr. Daniel Callaghan 

Ms. Christabel Allotey (024-742-3398)

Mr. Bright S. K. Sewor

Mr. Emmanuel K. M. Atukpa

Mr. George T. Sabblah

Mr. Stephen Odamtten

Mr. Raymond Boateng

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