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Story bridge turns 75 74000 attend birthday bash brisbane

The event, named after the iconic video game, raised more than $1 million at its peak during the weekend.

The birthday bash — and the celebration of its centenary — also brought out more than 200,000 fans at the football stadium's concourse.

The video game was released in 1987 and has played a pivotal role in the lives of more than 6 billion players around the world.

It has spawned dozens of spin-off movies, series and video games as well as the hugely popular video game series Minecraft.

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Police probe sms messages inciting racial violence and assault; a suspect has been identified

RAPE! 'He was just taking pictures' of his friends

'I'll give up a year of my life for you!' Man taunted while having sex in hospital

RAPE! 'She was just sleeping, then she heard something fall over the bed'

Man charged with rape after woman accused him of being abusive

RAPE! Woman says the man raped her, and she claims he was drunk

A man was arrested Wednesday after he allegedly attacked a young woman in her 20s in a hospital after finding her on her side in a darkened hospital hallway, police said.

Police said at 1:45 a.m., a woman came to see her grandfather, a family friend, at the Jackson Memorial Presbyterian Hospital in Houston with "emotional difficulties" around the same time an unidentified man was seen making "aggressive sexual gestures," according to the HPD press release.

When she told her grandfather, the victim said the man asked her to sleep over. The woman said the man did not stop to ask her to lay down, then said he was going to take a picture of her because he couldn't stand the sight of her face, police said.

Once he left, the woman told her grandfather she woke up in an emergency room and "felt like a baby" and "could not breathe," according to a news release.

That is when she came to the hospital's Emergency Room, and a nurse, hospital staff, and hospital staff members immediately began to investigate, police said.

The suspect was found in a hospital room in his own room, according to police. HPD detectives spoke with the suspect for nearly an hour after he was arrested. The suspect denied assaulting the victim, but did say he told her to lay down and then assaulted her as well, police said.

He also said he took a picture of her with his cell phone.

Investigators also say they have some "physical evidence" against the suspect.

The suspect is charged with rape and attempted rape, a first-degree felony, police said.

He is to be held in the Harris County Jail until a bail hearing Friday.

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