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The drum tuesday october 15th at 10:00pm

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A big thank you to Joe for giving me a chance to have such a great time! The first set with his guitar and drums was really great and a blast. I loved the drumming at the end which made it look like it would be a repeat of previous nights but in reality was a new drummer. The acoustic part was my favorite of the set with Joe just keeping his finger on the pulse and staying fresh and consistent from minute to minute. The songs just stayed there like sooo much candy, he always kept us dancing till we fell asleep. This time with the vocals I could not believe how long he was singing, he went full on into the chorus while the drums went on and on. I got goosebumps singing along with him for this song. He really brought it every time I heard him. This was easily the best set of the night because you really feel it all coming together and I really love the energy between our band and the live crowd! He was so energetic and he got us to believe and know that there was more to come! You do not know what the future holds for us all at this point. We are truly blessed to have this music and I know we will be able to bring these songs to everyone all over the world.

The second set was another blast and I got goosebumps out of every single song that got played! He has such a beautiful voice and it's great to have this voice in our band. He is just really energetic and he is just so awesome about our fans and the kind of support that keeps us going. He really made this show awesome and I really want to thank all of the fans of this band and the fans of this band, as well as the band's fans, for letting us come see this concert, being there, and supporting our band! You guys rock!

I am glad to say that you guys were there and you made our show one hell of a success. I can say with a fair amount of confidence that you really made the greatest Rock n' Roll show yet! We had an amazing live show, great energy, great songs, great energy, great support, and the best audience I have ever seen at any venue on earth! It was great to pla
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Dr simon koblar expects a new centre for stem cell research in the UK and plans to travel to the city with a group of fellow scientists to see if the technology works on human tissues.

"When we started our investigation we found evidence of stem cells in the tissues of people who were infected with HIV in the clinic but we have also found evidence that the cells were being converted into mature human cells when they were removed.

"We believe our tissue engineering approach could eventually be used to engineer human tissues from human blood stem cells which would have potentially huge clinical applications."

For more, take a closer look at our 'What is stem cells?' section.