Re.: How to start making money online?

You can make extra income online in several ways:

1. <a href=><b><u>Forex trading</u></b></a>. Your job as a trader is to buy currency at a cheaper rate and sell it at the more expensive. The difference is your profit. You can also do it in reverse. Knowing that the price for the currency will go down, you sell it at the expensive rate and buy it back later at a cheaper price. The difference in price makes your forex profit. Marginal forex trading may be risky, but highly profitable.
You need a good and honest Forex broker to start trading, I recommend <a href=><u><b>Roboforex</b></u></a>.

2. <a href=><b><u>Crypto trading</u></b></a>. Same as Forex trading, but you buy and sell Crypto currencies.
For Crypto trading I recommend <a href=><u><b>Binance</b></u></a>, it's one of the biggest platform.

3. <a href=><b><u>Affiliate Marketing</u></b></a>. This is a way to earn commissions from another person or company by promoting their products or services. When someone buys as a result of your marketing, you make money. As an affiliate marketer, you'll make money by connecting people with products of services.
You can attend <a href=><u><b>this free masterclass</b></u></a> about how to start Affiliate Marketing business online fast and make up to $2500 per week and more.

Also I can recommend <a href=><u><b>Clickbank Univercity</b></u></a>, step-by-step training program where you can learn proven strategies, principles and tactics every super affiliate uses.