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How to choose a product?
First of all, it is necessary to formulate the basic requirements for the product. Ideally, it should be lightweight, durable, with small dimensions and a long shelf life. Compliance with these conditions will allow not only to reduce overhead costs due to free delivery, but also subsequently organize the sale of products via the Internet throughout Russia with sending to the buyer by mail.

After compiling a preliminary list of suitable categories, you should proceed to the selection of a specific product that can be implemented with the maximum margin. A high margin in this case is necessary in order to compensate for overhead costs (including the cost of advertising and promotion) and make a profit even with a one-time order of a wholesale lot. The usual basic necessities of 2020 are usually possessed by such properties, the list of which includes hygiene items, clothes and shoes, home textiles, dishes, and small household items.

Beginning entrepreneurs should remember that the basic laws of the economy are equally true for both the retail and corporate sectors. This means that almost any product can find an alternative with close or completely identical characteristics. Therefore, after choosing the type of product for sale, it is necessary to spend a certain amount of time studying analogs, which will allow the businessman not only to get the product at the best price, but also to consider possible fallback options in the event of a sudden stop in the production and delivery of the product by the manufacturer.

Finally, in the selection process, you need to find out what is most often searched on the Internet: 2020 statistics clearly demonstrate the emergence of new global trends and market niches that suddenly become extremely popular. Quickly responding to such changes, you can not only significantly increase sales, but also work for some time in the absence of competition.