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Late try ties up crusaders and hurricanes. So why would a company decide to make such a huge bet on the next wave of disaster?

I'm guessing because they're trying to make waves in the fast-changing technology world.

Cocobolo is an app-generated weather app. And it's all in the name of technology—from the cloud-based algorithm to the data that can tell us everything from the temperature of your coffee to the current temperature of the world's oceans. Its creators say that the application allows people to create or change weather forecasts, forecast water levels, predict wind speed, and generate an atmosphere map of their world based on data sourced from millions of sensors from every direction.

The idea behind their app is pretty simple.

For example, if there's a superstorm in San Antonio, it might come from the northeast or even some other landmass that has a lot of hurricane damage potential, like New York City or Boston. By placing a cone over the center of this storm, Cocobolo can send weather information to the cloud.

As of the app's launch this week, its creators say their company has more than 600 million downloads on iOS and Android.

In 2013, they raised $250 million in seed funding from Sequoia Capital. Since then, they've raised more than a billion dollars in venture capital, raising $1.5 billion and the company is currently valued at $1 billion.

Their app, named CloudWatch, was released on the App Store and Google Play earlier this month.

To begin with, it's hard to overstate the popularity of their app. Last August, Apple's App Store had more than 1 million downloads, and the numbers have steadily increased since.

In fact, Cocobolo claims that over 90 million people have already downloaded CloudWatch in the first 100 days, and on the last night of its release date of Sept. 9, Cocobolo had more than 11 million downloads.

Cocobolo's marketing, though, is even better than its app.

If you check out what Cocobolo offers in the app, you'll notice some pretty amazing, but perhaps less spectacular, features:

You can make and update forecasts for each storm, and even create a map of your entire world based on your data.

You can create a virtual "weather balloon"—think of it as a digital "bird"—that you can float for hours.

The cloud is the perfect place to keep track of weather updates, and you can even create personal weather reports that can be updated right to your personal schedule. Cocobolo also has the capability of offering real-time weather forecasts directly into your phone, a feature Cocobolo describes as
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Son jailed for torching dads house

Jorge Perez, 39, has been arrested for allegedly setting fire to his wife's home in La Habra. She died there after suffering severe burns and he told police she was burned to death.

A witness told police the couple had been in their living room when the fire broke out and Perez fled through a back window.

The fire destroyed part of the front door and wall while Perez's wife hid in her closet, then lay bleeding on the floor of a nearby bathroom, according to the news agency.

Police found the couple's two sons inside the house burning but did not charge them, police said.

Perez said he used to smoke cigarettes, alcohol and marijuana on a daily basis but has since quit smoking as a health decision.

"This is a very sad situation," he told El Universal. "She was my only sister."